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Litepaper: WTF is rShare?

Earn Rewards by Solving Traffic

rShare is a mobile game that rewards you for not driving alone. Each earned point can either be withdrawn to your wallet or used to improve your game experience. Let’s work together to reduce traffic!

Contributors play as a team, because it takes at least two people sharing a ride to start earning points. Each additional traveler adds a rewards multiplier—making rShare inherently viral, and allowing it to scale up to public transit. We’ve gamified the experience so that you can increase your earning, boost each other’s performance, personalize your game pieces, and more.

This creates a uniquely cooperative experience (although you can still compete against your friends to take the most cars off the road). You always have the option to sell your game pieces—or buy new ones—on our marketplace.

Grab the app and let’s go…together!

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In Real Life

Start earning simply by joining someone's ride.

Future versions will also encourage bikes, scooters, walking, traveling during off-hours, and more.

In the App

Start for free, or

pay to play

Earn reward points and tradable game pieces.

Spend reward points playing a fun game.

Simple to Use

It’s so easy that even your parents can figure it out.

Uniquely cooperative gameplay encourages people to not drive alone.

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How You Earn

You’re rewarded for not driving alone. rShare makes every effort to deliver as much value as possible back into the ecosystem.

You automatically earn rewards based on your behavior. You can spend these points inside the app to upgrade your game pieces, increase your earning potential, and help your friends.

You can either subscribe to receive your first game piece—or earn it by completing a series of helpful actions within a given time. You always own your game piece plus any power-ups or other items you earn through game play. You may withdraw these items at any time as long as you’re a subscriber.

The first version of rShare encourages people to share rides, either in cars or via public transit. Vehicles with more passengers earn bonus points for taking extra cars off the road. This makes rShare inherently viral.

Consistent streaks of behaviors that reduce traffic—such as sharing ten rides in a row—earn extra bonuses.

Future versions of rShare will reward non-car transportation options like walking, biking, and riding scooters. You'll also be able to earn rewards for adjusting your behavior, such as traveling earlier/later or taking different routes that reduce traffic on highways.


Rewards are paid in two portions:

  1. Earned at time of action

  2. You’re also paid a bonus at the end of each day based on your individual contribution to the total earnings by our entire ecosystem. This brings our community together to work as a team to increase the value of our ecosystem over time.

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rShare Litepaper - Game Play Scaling and Viral.png

We’re Carbon Friendly

rShare is designed to reduce the number of cars on the road, which has a direct effect on reducing carbon emissions. We expect to be able to earn carbon credits based on this impact. Additionally, a portion of our revenue is used to purchase carbon removal credits.

How We Earn

We earn subscription revenue from people playing the game. 

Because solving traffic is valuable, we also expect to build diversified revenue streams. We take a % fee on all revenue coming into our ecosystem, and we direct the remaining majority to our Contributors.


Our rewards are funded in several ways, including by governments, NGOs, and businesses willing to pay to reduce traffic and parking patterns. For example:

  • The highway authority is promoting a new high-speed bus lane. They can offer extra rewards to rShare Contributors who take that bus. Riders can earn additional rewards by sharing rides to and from the bus station.

  • A cruise ship port wants to reduce both traffic and the number of people parking on the small island. They can offer rShare rewards to both their employees and passengers who choose to share rides and not park at the port.

  • A university wants to encourage their students to share rides in order to reduce parking on campus. They can layer rShare rewards on top of their existing incentive program in order to convert additional students into ride sharers.

  • A global 5000 company has a budget to pre-purchase earned carbon credits.

rShare Litepaper - Diversified Revenue Streams.png

Help Solve Play-to-Earn

Our secret sauce is that measurable change in travel behavior—plus the anonymized data it creates—are valuable. We’re  creating a unique flywheel to ensure economic sustainability, solving the flaws in previous Web3 play-to-earn games:

  • New money is always coming in: from Contributors purchasing NFTs, as well as from governments, NGOs, and businesses willing to pay to improve traffic patterns

  • Contributors create real value through their work

  • Contributors participate meaningfully in the monetization of their work


rShare brings together powerful trends:

  1. NFTs are powerful revenue drivers and are growing in popularity (even in this bear market).

  2. Web3 communities are looking for long-term opportunities to share ownership and meaningful monetization.

  3. Gamification and data science are proven to change behavior.


Traffic is worse than ever in most cities (and transportation accounts for 27% of US emissions).

Examples of In-App Spending

rShare Litepaper - Spending Rewards_edited.png

Use rewards points to:

  • Level Up Your Car: Each new level allows you to increase the attributes of your NFTs (green power, luck, reliability, comfort).

  • Mint New Cars: Combine two parent Cars with rewards points in order to create a brand new Car. You can either sell this extra car or hold it to increase your daily earning.

  • Forge New Car: Combine five Cars of the same rarity + rewards points in order to forge a single new car of the next higher rarity.

  • Unlock Mystery Boxes: Daily bonuses for contributing are paid via mystery boxes that contain extra rewards points—plus sometimes power-ups, spells, and more.

  • Unlock Power-Up Slots: Use rewards points to allow your Cars to use power-ups to increase its attributes (green power, luck, reliability, comfort).

  • Purchase Power-Ups: Use rewards points to acquire new power-ups available for sale by other Contributors.

  • Upgrade Power-Ups: Increase the level of earned or purchased power-ups in order to improve their effect on the attributes of your Car.

  • Unlock Spell Ability: rShare is a cooperative game, and Contributors can unlock the ability to cast spells to briefly improve the earning ability of everyone sharing a ride.

  • Purchase Spells: Use rewards points to acquire new spells available for sale by other Contributors.

  • Cast Spells: Briefly improve the earning ability, attributes such as green power and luck, and more of everyone on your shared ride—or temporarily reduce the effectiveness of competing teams.

  • Repair Your Car: Wear and tear reduces the earning power of each car, and repairs are required after each use.

  • Customize Your Car’s Look: Starting with your favorite colors.


Payouts in USDC are available every 2 weeks as long as you’re holding a car token.


rShare Timeline 2022.png

Are You Already a Web3 Native?

We’ve designed rShare to be easy for non-Web3 people to use. In fact, we view it as a way to onboard millions more people into Web3.

That being said...


Our founding team is crypto-native and rShare offers the NFT experience that our advanced users expect. A few things to consider:

Help Plan Our Route

Voting is available to all car NFT holders. Our DAO focuses on the decisions that the crowd makes best:

  • Decide which actions earn rewards.

  • Set the rewards paid out to Contributors for their work. 

  • Find new sources of income for our ecosystem.

  • Optimize the earning structure.

  • Other decisions TBD.


Infinite NFTs & Earned NFTs

We want everyone who drives or rides to be an rShare Contributor, which means that every single one of them will need their own NFT. We’re starting with a traditional 10,000-piece airdrop. From there, you’ll be able to mint your own NFTs, plus new Contributors will have the option of earning an NFT by completing suggested tasks inside the app.


There are millions of cars on the road, so why can’t we have millions of NFTs? The trick will be to keep them from losing value. We believe we can do this by creating a functioning economy that earns revenue from the value it provides to the outside world. The best example is how the Ethereum ecosystem works. We haven’t seen a game accomplish this yet.

Wen Token?

(Yes that’s crypto lingo) 

Contributors will earn rewards inside the rShare app. Initially, these reward points will not be a cryptocurrency. Our goal is to make them convertible to USDC in a tight range, almost like a stablecoin. Similar to how airline miles tend to hold their value.


We’ve seen that tokens sometimes put projects in direct competition with their users—which we don’t want. Short story: if we’re spending our time trying to figure out how to keep you from cashing out your rewards then we’ve failed. We do, of course, reserve the right to launch a token in the future once we’ve proven our economics.

Now What?

We’re in the idea stage and we’re looking for the following:​

  • We are raising a pre-seed round

  • We'd love feedback on our project

  • We're looking for people who want to help us buidl (more crypto lingo)—including developers, marketers, designers, community-builders, and more

Have you already signed up for our waitlist?

Founding Team


Mike Lingle, CEO

Founder of Rocket Pro Forma (financial projections for early-stage Web3 and Web2 startups), CFO at Security Token Group (digital asset securities on the blockchain), and entrepreneur in residence at Founder Institute. He was previously co-founder of SlideRocket (slide presentations in the cloud), acquired by VMWare in 2011. Mike’s background includes decades of software development and product management. He’s been active in the crypto space since 2013 and owns a few too many NFTs. Mike was also on the winning team of the Miami Mobility Fastrack competition in 2018, which championed the idea of using rewards to solve traffic.


Charles Irizarry, CTO 

Expert in Web 3, eCommerce, AI, and data/decision science. Advising CTO to Boatyard (acquired in 2020 by MarineMax). Charles has founded multiple technology incubators including Brim Labs and Rokk3r (OTC: ROKK), where he has helped create over 30 different platforms and products across multiple industries, with two exits in the past 12 months. Charles brings an experienced team of developers and UX/UI experts to this project.

Roger Meilleur, COO

Almost two decades of operating experience. Startup fundraising expert and advisor to high-profile NFT projects including AngelBaby & The Garten. Roger was a VP at investment bank BTIG.

Ready to Ride?

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